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Artist's Statement

Born and raised in Yolo County, Sally Blevins has drawn as long as she can remember. She first painted in oil at the age of twelve, and has pursued a lifelong study of art, to which she is now devoting full time.

Sally's plein air painting resonate the essence of the valley to which she has recently returned after spending many years on the San Francisco Peninsula. There is a lack of ambiguity in the emotion evoked by her clear observation and color instinct as expressed in the visual acuity of her valley scenes. It is clear she is firmly rooted in the long sweeping valley views east to the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range and to the western foothills and Coast Range.

Ms Blevins' goal is to capture the seasonal changes of patterns and texture, the extremes of vibrant color, and the breathtaking beauty of the northern California for posterity through her oil paintings, watercolors, etchings, as well as pen and ink renderings.

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